Google Analytics
Integrate Edgemesh with your Google Analytics Dashboard.
Many of our customers use Google Analytics as their source of truth. For that reason we have integrated Edgemesh with Google Analytics and automated the installation process.
First, make sure you are logged into Google Analytics. Then you can click the links below to add the Edgemesh segments and report.
Next, go to Customization > Custom Reports > Speed by Browser

Additional Segments

Most E-Commerce sites require multiple pages to facilitate a purchase. To help remove "bounced users" or single page users from the impact calculation - two additional segments might be helpful (both restrict the view to Users who had multi-page views).

How to Use Google Analytics Segments

With the new segments (and the custom report) available, we can now start to compare accelerated vs. non-accelerated users. To begin let's open the custom report:
Now add the segments by clicking "Add Segment" and finding the two new Edgemesh segments.
You should then see something like this:
A few more days of data collection may be required because Google Analytics samples only 10% of your traffic by default. You can increase your sample rate by adding the following to your Google Analytics code:
ga('create', 'UA-XXXX-Y', { siteSpeedSampleRate: 100 })
This will increase your sample rate to 100%. Here's Google's documentation on the subject.
The report and segments only apply on a per user basis, so they will need to be installed by each user that wants to access them (don't worry they are super easy to install once you get it down!)
If the install link is asking you to login to an account and/or redirecting you to the incorrect account:
From here you can continue the installation method on the correct account.

How does Google Analytics determine an Edgemesh Accelerated User?

When Edgemesh detects that Google Analytics is present on the page, the Edgemesh client will tag along with the existing Analytics setup and emit a Non-Interaction Event to the Google Analytics Endpoint. This is a type of event that does not impact of "interaction" metrics such as Bounce Rate. The Edgemesh Event is
Google Analytics Event Fields
Edgemesh Values
Percent Accelerated
A number (int) between 0 - 100
This event informs Google Analytics how much of this particular page view was accelerated by Edgemesh. Specifically, the Percent Accelerated is the total number of calls required to make this page render (images, JavaScript, CSS etc. ) that were served by the Edgemesh cache in the browser divided by the total number of calls. As an example, if your page required 100 assets to render the page, and 49 of these assets were served by the Edgemesh cache - then the Percent Accelerated would be 49.
From here, we can now see how the Edgemesh Segments are calculated. An Edgemesh Accelerated User segment is one in which there was an:
  • Edgemesh event was present
  • That even had an Action of Percent Accelerated
  • The Event Label was >10