Enabling Edgemesh + Push Notifications via AimTell

AimTell allows you to enable Push Notifications on your website. Push Notifications allow you to notify customers of opportunities to engage with your store.

Push Notifications allow you to:

  • Increase conversion and engagement rates

  • Reach your audience anywhere by sending notifications to their phones without requiring a mobile app.

  • Collect revenue from abandoned carts

  • Keep your customers updated with fulfillment

  • Shout out if you drop prices

  • Analyze campaign metrics and increase audience visibility

AimTell and Edgemesh both utilize the Service Worker framework: with AimTell using the Push API to enable notification and Edgemesh utilizing additional features (Cache API, Fetch API) to accelerate page loads. As such, AimTell's Edgemesh integration allows customers to enable the Edgemesh acceleration of pages while retaining the notification features of AimTell.

Enabling Edgemesh via AimTell Integrations

For the latest documentation please check the AimTell Integration Documentation for Edgemesh.

To enable Edgemesh on your site, first ensure that have successfully installed Aimtell on your site. Afterward, head to Integrations and search for Edgemesh.

Search results for Edgemesh

Click on the Edgemesh option, then select Enable on the following screen and then hit save.

Enable Edgemesh

If you are on the Shopify platform the AimTell integration will take care of everything else for you automatically. Just visit the Edgemesh Portal and complete your account set up and domain verification.

If you are not on the Shopify platform, you will need to manually add an importScripts tag to your service worker. By default, this file is found at .

Now, add the Edgemesh worker to the file:


The resulting file should look like the following:


Once this is all set up don't forget to complete your account registration and domain verification on the Edgemesh Portal.