Installation instructions for the Edgemesh Shopify App.

Installing Edgemesh on Shopify is easy. You can follow the steps outlined in the Edgemesh Portal or you can use this route to install the App on your store.

Install Shopify App
Installs the Edgemesh App on the given Shopify store. You will be prompted to log into your Shopify and will need to grant permissions to the Edgemesh App.
Path Parameters
The hostname of your Shopify store.
301: Moved Permanently
You will be redirected to the Edgemesh Portal to complete domain verification.
400: Bad Request
Something was wrong with the input. Usually this means the shop param is not set.
400: Required parameters missing.
401: Unauthorized
Unable to authenticate the request. Usually means the request did not come from Shopify.
401: HMAC validation failed.

Like all other Edgemesh integrations, the Shopify App requires a valid account and registered domain on the Edgemesh Portal. Installing the app will not change your sites operation until the above is completed.